In Copenhagen, a man is found draped over a balcony, his head and hands missing. In Brazil, a woman on a posting for a Danish renewables company goes missing. Her pregnant partner is convinced the woman’s boss is involved, but no one will listen to her. That same boss finds himself in prison on charges of embezzlement and insider trading. 


How are these three cases connected? Martin Bay, the investigating detective in Copenhagen, is assigned to work the case of the headless corpse, but is stunned when he realises the flat where the body is found is familiar to him from a series of porn videos—gay BDSM videos. Sporty, tattooed, and with an always-in-control attitude, Martin’s confidence hides his imposter syndrome, his pain from a disapproving father, and a sister who’s always considered him a failure. None of Martin’s colleagues know he’s gay and he wants to keep it that way. But this case may force him to reveal his secret.. As he works to untangle the web of lies, revenge, and power, more than Martin’s own secrets will be revealed, and no one is above suspicion

Introducing MARTIN BAY

Martin Bay is the main detective in Suspicious. He lives in Copenhagen, is doing ok for himself in his police job. Even though he's only 35 he's given responsibility for big cases including this murder case. He has problem with micromanaging and sloppiness at work -which lands him in problems now and again.

He's single as he "doesn't do repeat sex" – he's a gym rat, plays handball, is heavily tatted and a snappy dresser, which often put in front of the TV-cameras.

His relationship with his sister is flawed to say the least, but his childhood friend Birgit has taken over the role the sister should have had. Birgit and Martin are very close – they often use Lady Gaga to solve life's problems.